WeatherFlow-Tempest Partnership

In January of 2019, the founders of WeatherFlow Networks (corporate name WFn Holdings Inc) founded a new company, WeatherFlow-Tempest Inc., with a goal of scaling up our proven business model. We long ago proved that more and better data created better detailed decisions for our customers. And the unmatched robustness of our ProNet has proven itself as the basis for better data. With WeatherFlow-Tempest we have a company that still accesses and benefits from ProNet but also leverages data from the massive Tempest Network on a global scale. WeatherFlow Tempest is also benefiting from the weather modeling IP and knowhow that was created over two decades. WeatherFlow Networks continues to support WeatherFlow-Tempest with more and more Pro-Net data. And WeatherFlow Tempest is quickly creating more and more decision tools including Personal Apps, SaaS tools, and an unmatched API. Along with robust consulting services, WeatherFlow Tempest has vastly increased the number of customers for which complete customized solutions can be provided. All but the most specialized of customers are now served directly by the team at WeatherFlow-Tempest.

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